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A dreadful repetition
Every dull day
A longing for luster
You act as to please the masses
A smile, a short wave,
The vision of a hand
Reaching... Reaching...
For true kinship,
Where is the truth?
Suddenly, the mirrors become so foggy
Like a hot shower, melting away reality
You bang your hand to reach them,
To break the glass,
And everything grows red for a second
But for once, it's pure acceptance
Ignoring everything you can sense with five,
It beats,
Harsher and harsher
Dangerously loud
Falling to the floor
A desperate suicide,
Would it all be gone, with the winds
Or a repetitive cycle,
Anew with you?

You wake with a start,
In a soft bed,
A loving home,
The consequences are null,
You stare to the blinking clock,
Already so early...
To calmly speed through the morning routine
And out the door,
The stars seem so close to home,
Out of necessity, you reach out,
An endless sequence
Continues, life after death
A bitter coldness
Envelopes thee
As a desire for something scalding
Like a burnt tongue
On top of a pile of disgust
Like your only meal trapped in a vending machine
You kick, you scream,
You lick the machine out of pure starvation
And hear to the rich,
As they say,
"Who knew you had the money to throw around..."
You wince at the pain

I long for an endless rain
Trapped in a cell,
A cage,
Just as an animal,
They wonder why it is,
So rebellious... No.
It's the buzz word, of those looking down on ants
Such attitude! Do you not care for your image?
A girl is to please!!
Please the teacher. Please the man. Please the husband.
To rebel is to be a fault,
To be sentence to prison,
Learn the place of a dog,
In a low paying job,
In a low level place.
Ignore her disability, ignore her lower class,
As if she is even "she" at all,
Spit upon her,
A rebel who can not please.

He longs for an endless rain,
Harder, and harder
Let it consume me.
Let the rain fall so voraciously upon my head
So that I may fall ill
And die

Bang your head upon the cell walls,
It's not as though he committed wrong doings,
He thought - this is normal
To be a teenager
When others are doing so much worst,
Beating his heart with nails and splinter wood
With the same words, so consistently
He starves, he freezes, he has a lack of a temper;
Yet he's trying oh so hard every day,
He falls to his knees,
The cell is so cold,
And so is he,
A cold, disgusting human being
Had he murdered a man? Insulted a man? Harmed a man?
Not a bit, and yet...

So many young kids are dying in a cell,
Potential wasted in an expectant, biased world
And all their tears are collected upon me,
For years of being a perfectionist, so quiet as to not disturb,
I've collected more suspensions,
Than any teenager in this world
Teenage Prison
I don't think I'm any more passionate about social issues as I am the treatment of teenagers.
They're so woefully misunderstood, and treated as punching bags. Some are punished for petty offenses, some are never punished despite actively harming or making life unsafe for students. It's quite depressing.
I could talk about schooling in terms of grades, but I feel many have spoken volumes greater than I could on the subject. I don't think enough is said on the school system in terms of discipline, especially on mentally ill or learning disabled students who have a much harder time controlling themselves. Boys, as well, who are raised to be violent and rough then punished for what they don't  understand is wrong. And girls, punished solely for clothing choices. It's such a mess.
School, particularly high school, is nothing more than a prison, and I want nothing more than to change this.
Look out the window
A sea of beautiful people
Like waves rushing forward
They break in, they destroy
The simple audacity
To enjoy life, to smile, to be happy
Around each other
I reach out my hand
Around each other,
And without me
The wave collapses over my head
A sudden feeling of drowning
Is there really no room for me?

Like being in a box
A box of one-way windows
See the joy from within
And no one will see your eyes
Look out the window
You're begging for more
To have every organ ripped out
One by one,
It's a gut feeling

I have a story
I have a story
I have a story
The ignore button is right above your head

Would anyone think twice?
Skip a day of work.
Travel across the country.
Ride away on the sea.
I bet they didn't even mark you absent.

When you hopped on that ship,
Wasn't it second nature?
To be the insane,
Looking out infinitely more windows
The gaseous stars swallowing your emptied mind,
You reach out your hand,
The sea of the universe
Waves, back and forth,
Suck you into the abyss

Is it home?
Away from everyone and their smiling cats
With teeth sharp as knives tearing you in half,
Someone's waiting
All the while,
A trickle of a smile down their face
And everyone enjoys life again
When another is dead

Your floating away,
In what is so clearly a home
Where the life who took you is no where left to be
A sudden nostalgia strikes your head
When I get home, I'll tell them all
But you're already home
Life in the Skin of Aliens
I used to think I was an alien as a kid because I couldn't make friends and I'd never eat and I never felt anything more than emptiness and nostalgia
all of that still applies to me today, just that I recognize I'm not an alien.
Drinking the well dry -
The minerals, the germs,
The disease from the sick kid who came first
A slight brain miscalculation,
Forgetting to turn it in,
An all nighter wasted,
Down the drain like last night's pizza
And the coffee only ordered for alert

Wanna hear a fun fact?
I forgot it already,
But I swear I learned a thing in that class
To be perfect is to be on time
Copy some answer out of a book
Rushing like a dog on a leash
Wanting to go so far, then choked back

Where do you sleep?
At the desk? On the computer? In a chair?
Lost the bed in a bet
Lost the motivation in a days work
The world is moving to fast for this small brain
It's like I've been hibernating all year,
A quarter gone in a flash
And the inbox is empty,
The missing assignments piling,
And I'd be damned if I knew a God damn thing
Except two points off for a day late
Points Off For Being Late
If you get points off an assignment for it being late, what's the point of turning it in? Your effort is spoilt by speed limits. It's a waste of time.
What I'm saying is I'm pissy about not having A's in classes just for one daylate assignments and I've never let go of that.
I worry for kids who are perfectionist like me, who couldn't live with anything lower than an A. It's a struggle. Actually, even an A on it's own isn't good enough for me. I need 95% or more, preferably more. I'm not sure how I survived high school with this attitude.
He held out her hand
The softness of a blanket,
Warmth in the soon freezing days
Hell is returning,
Slowly, quietly...
The leaves, left uncrushed
His words, trapped to the roof of his mouth
Like peanut butter, tripping over thoughts
Lost in a book,
Lost in a book,
Lost in a book,
By page 14, it's back on the shelf
For an eternity, in longing of motivation
Could he sit still for a girl?
Who's hair flies of her head in the wind,
Who won't stand anywhere but the closest to the edge of cliffs
Who's taste is bitter, like chocolate
Disgusting, like a flea
Sucking away every drop,
So oppressively slowly, leaving scars for centuries to come
And he could have run away,
Somewhere cold, where the snow is endless
But the greatest loss stares him right in the face,
The colors, dead as the beating heart on the kitchen table
Where fall was eternally lost on him,
He kissed his own reflection,
The never-ending winter had already begun
Lost in Blood
The title was me mishearing song lyrics.
I'm so sad that the first day of fall and bi awareness day are already over, but.. everyday is a spooky fall and bi day if you believe hard enough.


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